World Governments in Denial Over Radiation Risks Associated With Mobile Masts

A recent report out from scientists has governments claiming that mobile masts, mobile phone towers, and other electronic devices do not emit enough radiation, or any type of harmful radiation, that can cause cancer for the people who rely on these devices every day. But the trade-off is clear. While any one single mobile mast may not emit enough radiation for individuals to be concerned, when there are multiple masts and devices around, the risk becomes greater. And there are multiple towers. The increased dependency on wireless networks, satellite networks, hot spots, cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic devices that are reliant on mobile networks has led to an increased demand for more towers.

The trade-off is that mobile masts and other similar towers give off multiple types of radiation, including extremely low-frequency radiation, also known as ELF, along with radio frequency, or RF, which is necessary for the operation of televisions, radio, and cell phones, and also ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, x-rays, and infrared radiation. All of these types of radiation exist in the environment around us and due to the high demand for the technology that we have become so reliant upon, there is no escaping exposure to these types of radiation, according to recent reports.

Government throughout the world are relying on scientific reports that have recently come out in order to make their case for using mobile masts and other types of radiation-emitting masts and devices without concern. Health Canada released a report in April 2014 indicating that there is need for further study to determine whether or not mobile masts and other technology, and the radiation that they emit, could be harmful to individuals; multiple reports have been conducted by experts on the Health Canada panel that have indicated men can experience adverse effects and the newest reports indicated that further study is required to determine if the same risks apply to women. However, the report did not indicate conclusively that anyone exposed over long periods of time to radiation could experience adverse side effects, and the lack of confirmation or conclusion in the report has allowed this government, and others using Canada as a benchmark, to dismiss any concerns that might be brought to the table.

Multiple other reports from previous years have been cited in recent months in an attempt to debunk the more recent debunking of the mobile mast radiation concern. A 1998 study concluded that children living near power lines had a slightly increased risk for developing Leukaemia, and a 2000 study confirmed this notion, but reported that these children had a risk more than double those who did not live near to power lines. At this time, mobile masts were less of a concern as mobile telephones were not in as great of use and demand as they are today.

Despite recent reports from scientists and governments, many people are still voicing their concerns and providing means and advice for citizens to protect themselves when the government will not. It is something that is very worrying considering that mobile phone masts appear around the UK just about everywhere! There is probably one in a town, street near you just waiting to transmit signals. The question is though, are these signals damaging yours, your kids, and the health of future generations? This is a question that really needs to be addressed clearly, along with evidence of course when the companies that openly construct the masts are present. After all, they have to be responsible for their actions.