Are You Willing to Risk Cancer from Mast Radiation on an 8% Unlikelihood?

If this harmful thing was carrying a mobile phone around with you and having a mast erected to keep the signal on your handset high, then would you still put yourself at risk? The addiction to phones is causing harm to human health.

Recent reports from RF Safe scientists indicate that cell phone radiation, like the kind that comes from using a mobile device, or from long term exposure to the radiation emitted by mobile masts, is capable of causing cancer, or at least making the body more vulnerable to developing cancerous cells. A report related in late April 2014 from RF Safe indicates that scientists working for the group believe that ionising UV radiation along with non-ionising cell phone radiation are capable of producing what is known as a bio effect in the body. This bio effect happens at the cellular level and causes the body to overproduce molecules that are known as Reactive Oxygen Species molecules. These molecules are unstable and have also been reported in the past by scientists to be chemically reactive, as well as to be able to damage DNA. Damaged DNA is almost always found to be a precursor to cancer, no matter what type of cancer is developed. Other adverse health effects are also possible when the DNA is damaged by chemical reactions inside the body.

The reports from RF Safe were recently published in a scientific journal. This journal is known as the Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science, and is a peer-reviewed journal. The study by RF Safe looked at 80 studies which had previously been conducted to look at the possible correlation between cell phone radiation and cancer. Of the studies that were assessed for the purposes of the RF Safe research project, more than 92.5%, or 76 studies, confirmed the same theory and hypothesis: that cellular damage, like that required for generating pre-cancerous cells and health problems, happen at or below the typical thermal level produced by cell phone radiation, both in direct contact with a mobile device, and in long term exposure to mast radiation.

Cancer is not the only problem associated with mast radiation and cell phone radiation exposure. The significant overproduction levels for ROS that results from exposure to low-intensity radio-frequency radiation (RFR) that comes from mobile telephones and their supporting masts is capable of mutating genes and DNA, as well as inducing a large number of serious health side effects.

Some of the most common health side effects of being exposed to mast radiation and cell phone radiation come from what is known as oxidative stress. This is likely to cause headaches, inflammatory diseases like Lupus and other auto immune conditions, exhaustion, and even heart attacks. However, these are not the only conditions that can be linked to exposure to radiation.

With the explosion of smart phones on the market for personal and business use, it’s nearly impossible to keep these devices out of your life and away from your person. So it’s important to always remember to be safe when you are able, and to ensure that you know how to keep yourself in the 8% of individuals who needn’t worry as opposed to the nearly 93% who do.

The decision lies in your hands. Is a mobile phone really necessary? And what did we do when phones were not around!