Studies Indicate That Mobile Radiation May Be Linked to Impotence in Men

If you knew that your love of mobile phones, and the need to have a signal on your device when out and about would cause havoc to your sex life, would you still want to carry one around with you?

Recent reports coming from researchers in both Austria and Egypt have indicated that men who use their cell phones for more than four hours per day have a greater risk of becoming impotent than those men who limit the use of their mobile devices to less than two hours per day. These studies were conducted independently at separate labs but came to the same conclusion, leading researchers the world over to reconsider the whether mobile devices and the masts that support them truly pose a danger. Reports early in 2014 indicated that the mobile radiation danger concerns consumers had been facing were nothing more than myths debunked, but these studies out in April 2014 have shown that the earlier reports may need a second look.

Reports out from the researchers indicate that they believe that there may be a direct link between daily use a mobile phone and erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. While the research does to point to cell phone radiation as a possible cause of erectile dysfunction, there is one caveat: the research also indicates that the heat emitted by the devices when the batteries become hot may also be another cause of the damage that leads to impotence, especially for men who leave their cell phones in their pockets, or on their laps, if they are using a hands free kit. However, if the electromagnetic radiation emissions are responsible for the increase in incidences of impotence, men should also be concerned about other types of devices and structures, like masts, that emit radiation.

The studies focused on comparing men with similar heights, weights, ages, and smoking habits, as well as similar levels of testosterone and other exposures to radiation. The only difference between the men studied was the amount of time they spent on their cell phones each day and whether or not they complained of impotence. The correlation study found that the men who complained of erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction used their mobile phones for 4.4 hours each day on average. The men who were healthier and did not have complaints of erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunction used their cell phones each day for only 1.8 hours per day on average.

News reports from the latest edition of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) newsletter indicated that men should be concerned about this study and its implications for their health and future ability to have children. EHT is an organisation that focuses on helping consumers become more educated about the dangers of cell phone radiation and the other types of radiation that come from mobile masts and other types of mobile devices.

The one positive from the study was that none of the participants showed a negative impact on sperm count. This indicates that while radiation from mobile devices and their support systems may cause impotence by erectile dysfunction it does not cause full infertility, at least in this limited case study. But, that is something that begs to differ, because of course erectile dysfunction is of course going to lead to less kids, as men will become more embarrassed and subdued in the bedroom. No one wants to be reliant on pills to get the deed done, and many men suffer severe depression because of this, resulting in no sex at all.