Mobile Radiation and Your Brain: Harmful or Safe?

Conflicting studies have arisen in the past two months, indicating that there is much to be concerned about for citizens who are exposed to mobile mast radiation, mobile radiation, and those types of radiation coming from other mobile devices and other types of radiation. A study out from researchers in Finland has indicated that microwaves emitted from mobile phone handsets may put the brain at risk. The new study focuses on mobile phone radiation and how the type of radiation that comes from these devices, also known as radio frequency (which is required for both cell phone handsets and for mobile masts), is capable of breaking down the brain’s natural protective barrier, thus allowing toxic substances to enter into the brain, which can then in return, cause serious damage to the brain, eventually breaking down its structure.

The study is currently seeking human volunteers in order to test the theory in greater detail as to how mobile phones can negatively impact the human brain. If these trials provide evidence for the theory that has been presented, the fate of the mobile phone industry could be forever changed.

Researchers in France have already begun to test a similar theory on animals, and their results thus far has provided credence to the Finlandian theory, as they have already shown that mobile radiation can produce leakages in the blood barrier layer of the brain in rats. Rats are often used for scientific theories in an effort to show that the effect can be produced without actually harming a human being.

A conference for radiation studies is scheduled in Canada in the coming weeks and the study from Finland, as well as the study from France, will both be presented at the conference.

The Finlandian study, while it has not been performed on living beings, has shown in laboratory tests that the damage to the blood barrier in the brain is possible with extensive exposure to mobile radiation. The study collected cells from the blood vessel walls of the brain, and these cells were placed in culture dishes in the lab, where they were subsequently exposed to the maximum radiation intensity for mobile telephones, or two watts per kilogram. This, however, is the maximum allowance only for handsets and does not include the maximum amount of radiation that is allowed to be emitted from mobile masts, although mobile masts may be considered less of a danger as they are not placed up against the head or other body parts.

The study, however, does give pause for concern for those who are exposed to cell phone use every day, and especially those who work in areas that are heavily populated by mobile phone masts and mobile device users, such as London, and other major metropolitan areas.

For those who are concerned about the safety risks associated with mobile phone use and mobile masts, it is critical to be aware that not all studies are created equal and the information is inconclusive either way.

At the end of the day, communication is important in today’s world, but would you want to risk your brain function just for the sake of being able to have a mobile phone signal? It is time the UK government address this issue and conduct some conclusive research, and if we are not indeed safe from radiation that the mobile phone masts let off, then they need to address this and start taking the masts down, and constructing them in areas where people are not at a risk of radiation poisoning.