Recent Depictions of Cellular Frequencies Give Pause for Concern

An American artist has given many a cause for concern with his depictions of what cellular frequencies would look like if they were visible to the naked eye. For more than a decade, many scientists, researchers, doctors, and citizens have been concerned about the harmful effects of mobile radiation from masts and from mobile devices themselves. Naysayers to the concern and proponents of mobile technology have worked to debunk claims of potential harm. However, more recent studies released in March and April 2014, paired with the recent artworks produced by artist Nickolay Lamm, shed new light and an extra dose of concern over the claims that excessive exposure to mobile radiation and mast radiation could cause cancer and other significant health problems.

Most recent reports debunking mobile radiation danger claims have focused on the use of a mobile device and have not looked at mobile masts as a possible source of cell phone radiation. Mobile masts must have a stronger frequency emission than a cell phone itself because they must be able to service hundreds, if not thousands of phones at a time. Lamm’s artwork focused on what the frequency emissions from cell phone radiation would look like if one was simply able to see it. Images developed by Lamm should a disturbing landscape: a major city covered in an odd geometric fog and haze, set in over the top of the city in a veritable rainbow of colours. But this artwork is not simply geometric rainbows overlaid on top of a city image. This is a warning of what cell phone emissions from masts actually do as they travel through the city, national parks, and other venues where you always thought your were safe.

Phone towers, also known as masts and base stations, depending on where you are located, send signals and emissions out to each other, and out to mobile phones throughout the country and whatever city you are located in. mobile phone grids are set up in what are known as cells and the hexagonal shape that generates from the output of emissions is a unique output design made to ensure that the greatest area of coverage is provided, and to ensure that there is overlap between cells so that customers do not lose coverage.

Articles and reports concerning cell phone usage and demand, and Lamm’s recent work indicate that it is almost impossible to get anywhere today that does not fall into a mobile phone cell. This means it is nearly impossible for individuals to relieve themselves of exposure to radiation. Even in the backwoods or the deep mountains today cell phones nearly always work, depending on the network, and this means that radiation is following you. Mast radiation can have a tremendous and serious impact on your own life and the lives of those you love. However, it can also have an impact on animals you come across, plant life, and the ecosystem, all of which will have a significant impact on the future of everything and everyone.

With everyone’s dependence on social networking and mobile phones we have to seriously start thinking about the risks that come alongside with that. All those years ago when mobile phones were a luxury and something that only the rich and famous could afford to carry around, would we have all jumped on the bandwagon so fast if we knew that the phone would in fact be the cause of our death? Some would argue no, but the increasing signs that mobile phone masts have terrible health implications is very worrying.