Radiation Shields and Mobile Radiation: Does it Really Work?

Ten years ago, hardly anyone had a mobile phone to carry around with them, but today, phones have become more than just commonplace. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, from adults to seniors to teenagers, and even young children. This means that there is greater demand for mobile support, which in turn creates greater demand for mobile masts, and recent reports have indicated that the market for those trying to take advantage of the fear of mobile radiation is growing at exponential rates. These same reports indicate that the fear of mobile radiation from electromagnetic fields has been a growing concern for years for people the world over and companies are beginning to take advantage of this fear as some scientific data indicates that the fears of developing cancer and other problems from exposure to mobile radiation is a legitimate one.

Some consumers have taken measures over the past several years to protect themselves, and in larger numbers recently, by using a hands free kit for their cell phone or by using a radiation shield with their mobile device. However, reports indicate that these shields may only help to reduce the exposure to radiation in limited amounts and that additional radiation from radio waves and mobile masts still pose a threat to the safety of those who are attempting to be safer when using a mobile device. The higher the demand, reports indicate, the more mobile radiation there will be around consumers are there will be more mobile phones around as well as more mobile masts to support them.

This does not, however, stop companies from trying to capitalise on the fears of the public by selling products that they claim will help protect consumers in significant ways. Promotional materials from these companies, which have been reported to appear in The New York Times, and other major publications, promise to neutralize harmful radiation and protect mobile phone users from damages that are caused by use of mobile phones. These promises, however, cannot be kept in most cases as mobile radiation shields cannot protect users against all radiation or against all types of radiation.

Medical reports indicate that some of the side effects that victims of exposure to excessive radiation experience include headaches, stress, depression, insomnia, brain cancer, tumours, and other serious issues.

Unfortunately many individuals are purchasing shields to protect them against radiation although the claims of these products cannot be proven, while there are many studies to indicate that harm can come from radiation exposure. Many of these products indicate that they have been tested and are proven to work. Many products and companies that feed on the fears of those who have read reports about the harms of exposure to radiation claim that they have been tested by academic and research institutions that are well-respected. Recent reports indicate that there are few reports out from the scientific and academic communities that even mention these types of shields, let alone their applicability to protecting users from mobile and mast radiation exposure.

It is a very scary thought that the very gadget that we purchase to keep safe and in touch in case of emergencies, is in fact harming our health and creating us to be at risk of deadly diseases. Another thing that really needs to be looked into, is just who gives the permission to allow the masts to be constructed in public areas? Some are even built on top of schools and places of higher education! The mobile phone mast and signal needs of today, could easily become the NHS nightmare of tomorrow.