Adapting Your Habits to Protect Yourself From Mobile and Mast Radiation Exposure

In today’s world, there’s little you can do to completely eliminate your exposure to radiation. After all, if you own a television, radio, microwave, cell phone, GPS unit, or computer, you are impacted by radiation every day, from the time you awake in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night, and in most cases, even while you are asleep, especially if you have a television in your bedroom, have a mobile phone next to your bed, and listen to the radio to help yourself fall asleep. While there is still a significant amount of debate concerning the true safety of mobile phones and mobile masts when it comes to the public good, you should still do everything you can to make sure that you are playing it safe. Here are some of the best tips you can count on to help you and your family stay safe and stay out of trouble when it comes to mast radiation and cell phone radiation.

  • Use a blue tooth headset. Although there’s no conclusion as to whether or not keeping your cell phone further away from your head can actually help to keep you safer when it comes to mobile device radiation, it never hurts to play it safe. If you don’t have a blue tooth headset or another type of headset, you can always put your cell phone on speaker phone and talk without hands and without a contraption on your ear.
  • Try to limit your cell phone usage in areas where you don’t get good reception. One of the biggest problems with cell phones is that they can’t always catch a signal when you want them to. What this means is that when you are riding on public transportation, your phone must try to work with multiple towers to boost its own signal in order to keep you on the phone. The same is true of visiting areas with poor coverage.
  • Make sure that you are taking proper care of your children when it comes to mobile devices. Young children do not need a cell phone. The other truth is that a young child is still in the developmental stage. This means that damage done to barriers and other essential functions and body parts can leave your child with a brain tumour or with some other type of serious condition.
  • Don’t believe every product you see. There are many different products out on the market right now to help with cell phone radiation. However, most of these products do not work as intended. In fact, the ones that appear to be lightweight and to not cause problems make it impossible to make telephone calls because they are still rated to keep out radiation. However, the ones that allow you to make a telephone call may not be heavy duty enough to keep you safe from radiation. If you are going to purchase one of these items it is important for you to know their limitations.

It is also very important for you to make sure that you try and limit the amount of time that you spend on the phone, and of course start to question the erection of mobile phone masts that are rearing their ugly heads in more and more public places in and around the UK. In this day and age of technology reliance, we are never but a short distance away from a mobile phone mast. It is a very sad, but true fact. Everyone is addicted to the use of a mobile phone.